Opinion Piece

What is your most memorable Thanksgiving experience – worst or best?

“One Thanksgiving everyone accidentally brought desserts, so the only food we had was desserts and a turkey.” Blaze Wars Business Lukin, TX
“Going hunting with my family. We do it every year and it is one of my favorite traditions.” Caleb MonasmithRanch ManagementGeorgetown, TX
“The most memorable thing about Thanksgiving when she was still alive was my Mawmaw’s chicken and dumplings. She always made it just right with juicy chicken breast and soft dumplings in creamy chicken broth. Always one of the best parts about my Thanksgivings along with seeing my family every year.” Elora Flowers Graphic Arts Huntington, TX

Do you agree or disagree with the death penalty? Why or why not?

“I do not agree. Most people tend to have so much hate in their lives and want revenge, but that’s what started all of this killing. I believe they should be punished just not with death. Wanting to kill someone is just as bad as killing someone, so should you be punished with the death peanlty as well?” Stephany Lopez Nursing Houston
“I agree. Some people are sick beyond help and need to be put down.” Hugh Campbell Business Fraser, CO
“I disagree because all lives matter, but if someone is seving for life and has more than 20 years and decides that it is time to go, then it’s okay.” Jose Acon Criminal justice San Augustine

What is your most terrifying or memorable experience revolving around Halloween? 

How do you feel about President Trump’s plan to build a wall on the Mexican-American border?

Trump’s famous wall

By Hector Castillo Layout Artist 

The wall along the United States and Mexican border proposed by Donald Trump, president of the United States, continues to be one of the most talked about topics because the president harps on the idea of protecting the border.

Trump wants to build a wall no matter what the consequences. Despite the fact that many people are against it, he does not seem to listen to anyone telling him the wall is not a good idea.

The cost of the wall is estimated at $33 billion. Trump has been looking for different ways to get the money. First, he wanted Mexico to pay for it, but the president of Mexico at the time, Enrique Peña Nieto, told Trump he was crazy. Mexico would not pay for such a thing.

Mexico has its own debts and problems. It cannot pay for a wall that has no benefits for the country. The people of Mexico have been crossing the border for decades in different ways, and a partial wall already exists. A new wall will not stop the illegals from crossing as they always have.

I agree with Trump that we have to stop terrorism and make sure the drug cartels do not reach the United States, but a wall will not stop the illegals from crossing. They have been doing it for years and will find different ways to cross whether we like it or not.

Instead of building a new wall, the president should reinforce the borders. Having more border patrol officers there will be a better protection and will help catch whoever wants to cross the border to commit crimes.

In my opinion, our president should get rid of the absurd idea of the wall because it is a waste of time and money. He should concentrate on other more important things, like the natural disasters or the hurricanes that have devastated parts of the country. He should also focus on school shootings since there have been 23 school shootings so far in 2018, and the year is not over.

With all the millions of dollars that he wants to waste on the construction of the “Great Wall” as he calls it, he could use it to do much better things, like giving more money to the Federal Agency for Emergency Management.

At this moment, our own country needs help, and he must stop concentrating on absurd things like the wall. Donald Trump is not right in the head. He has done so many things that a president has never done before, and we still have to put up with him for two more years. Hopefully, he will not win the presidency again.