The Pacer

Founded 1968

Co-Editors: Nylan Holifield and Craig Reese

Photographers: Nylan Holifield, Craig Reese, Josh Giles and Esmeralda Ramos

Cartoonists: Nylan Holifield

Layout Artist: Nylan Holifield, Craig Reese and Josh Giles

Reporters: Craig Reese, Justin Keiffer, McKaya Luna, Demee Martinez and Seth Estrada

 Photography Adviser: Jan Anderson-Paxson

Coordinator of Student Publications: Libby Stapleton

The Pacer is the official student newspaper of Angelina College and is every Tuesday and Thursday through out the fall and spring semester. Unsigned editorials are the opinion of the pacer staff and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of individual students, advisers or college administrators. The staff encourages readers to write letters to the editor which must be signed for publication.